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I am a dog welfare and behaviour consultant based in the Netherlands. After following numerous courses and many years of practical experience, I obtained a postgraduate degree in Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare (PgDip CABW) in 2017. For an overview of my experience in practice and theory, click here.

Since then I have been (and still am) very active in the field as a welfare and behaviour consultant, offering advice (combining evidence based theory with practice)  and guidance to dog family members, always strongly considering the biological, behavioural and emotional welfare needs of all involved. 

I am a passionate speaker and have given and still give many lectures in the Netherlands (and occassionally in Belgium), sharing my latest insights on numerous topics (emotions, aggression, welfare and dog body language). I am a guest teacher on dog welfare at a Dutch dog behaviourist school called Annorlunda. I also teach, advise and create educational content for a Dutch dog behaviour academy called Martin Gaus Academie.

Feeling the need to never stop learing and to create more awareness for up to date and evidence based knowledge on dog behaviour and welfare, I set up LotsDogs, an international web space where I can share my latest findings in English. For the Benelux (NL and BE) my Dutch website can be found here: www.HondenLot.nl

Based in the Netherlands, Westbeemster 

Email: info@HondenLot.nl

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Liselot Boersma


Dog Welfare & Behaviour consultant



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